Citi Benefits Handbook
Oxford's transplant services is a network of Centers of Excellence facilities that meet high-quality criteria. Oxford invests resources to identify and qualify the programs that have delivered superior outcomes at cost-effective rates.
Transplant Access Program (TAP) Providers
The TAP program provides an extension of the COE network to help ensure network access, delivering the same financial rates; however, they do not meet the same high clinical criteria required for a COE. The transplants are inclusive of evaluation and transplant admission, including hospital, physician and organ procurement, blood and marrow harvest, and pre-transplant/post-transplant care.
Extra Contractual Services
Extra Contractual Services are available on a case-by-case basis when a patient referral falls outside of both the transplant COE network and the TAP network.
Transplant Clinical Management
Transplant clinical management works to reduce costs by helping you avoid inappropriate transplants, reducing re-transplants, identifying Medicare eligibility and assisting in making informed decisions about transplant care through:
  • Treatment education;
  • Centers of Excellence education and referrals;
  • Considerations in choosing where to get care;
  • Assistance in navigating the health care system; and
  • Transplant medical director support.
OptumHealth's Managed Infertility Program Centers of Excellence (COE) Network
Composed of 12 facilities, this network grants most members access to a facility within 30 miles of their location. For a list of participating facilities, call the Managed Infertility program at 1 (877) 512-9340.