Citi Benefits Handbook
If You Do Not Enroll
If you do not enroll in coverage within your initial 31-day enrollment period, you can enroll during a subsequent Annual Enrollment period or as the result of a qualified change in status. Note: You generally have 31 days from the date of a qualified change in status to enroll in or change your coverage in connection with the qualified change in status. However, due to the Coronavirus disease of 2019 (“COVID-19"), important guidelines have been issued that temporarily extend deadlines and allow for mid-year benefit changes. At Citi, you and your dependents have a mid-year opportunity to prospectively adjust your current 2020 medical, dental, vision, HCSA, LPSA and/or DCSA without needing to experience a qualified change in status. Please note that you cannot terminate your medical, dental or vision coverage. See "Changing Your Coverage" for more information.
You are not permitted to add, drop or change coverage in the MetLaw program mid-year due to a qualified change in status.
If you do not enroll and do not have health coverage, you may incur a penalty from the U.S. government (due to health care reform requirements).