Citi Benefits Handbook
Coverage Categories
Citi offers four coverage categories for medical and dental coverage:
  • Employee Only: Coverage for you only;
  • Employee Plus Spouse/Partner: Coverage for you and your spouse/partner only;
  • Employee Plus Children: Coverage for you and your eligible children including the eligible children of your spouse/partner; and
  • Employee Plus Family: Coverage for you, your spouse/partner, your eligible children and your partner's eligible children.
You can choose a different coverage category for medical and dental. For example, you might enroll in "Employee Only" coverage for medical if your spouse has medical coverage from his or her employer and "Employee Plus Spouse/Partner" for dental coverage if your spouse's employer does not offer dental coverage.
Each category has a different cost. In addition, your cost for medical coverage will depend on your benefits eligible pay band as defined in "Your Contributions." You will find your costs in your enrollment materials.
For vision coverage only: If you elect vision coverage, you must designate a level of coverage (one person, two people, or three or more people). You do not need to be enrolled in the vision plan to enroll a dependent for vision coverage.
Changing Your Coverage Category
You can change your coverage category during the Annual Enrollment period and within 31 days of a qualified change in status. See "Changing Your Coverage" for more information.