Citi Benefits Handbook
Citi provides Company-paid LTD coverage to employees whose benefits eligible pay is less than or equal to $50,000.99. If your benefits eligible pay is less than or equal to $50,000.99, you do not need to enroll for coverage and there is no cost to you.
For the purpose of the 2017 plan year, active and benefits eligible employees with benefits eligible pay that exceeds $50,000.99, including new hires and employees with an increase in benefits eligible pay for benefits purposes that exceeds $50,000.999 for the 2017 plan year, will be automatically enrolled into LTD coverage with an option to decline LTD coverage. Evidence of insurability is not required with your enrollment. Refer to the Your Benefits Resources™ website, available through TotalComp@Citi at during annual enrollment for the cost.
Option to Decline LTD coverage
If you do not elect "no coverage" during annual enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled in LTD coverage. If you elect to decline LTD coverage within the first 90 days following your enrollment, you will receive a refund of your paid premiums. You can also decline LTD coverage after the initial 90-day period, however, premiums will not be refunded to you.
Note that if you decline LTD coverage or decide to opt out of such coverage and want to enroll at a later date, you'll need to provide evidence of good health and possibly undergo a physical exam before LTD coverage can be approved (unless you have a qualified change in status).
If your benefits eligible pay is:
$50,000.991 or less
Citi provides LTD coverage at no cost to you.
From $50,001 to $500,000
You will pay for coverage with after-tax dollars. The LTD benefit under the Citi plan is tax free, meaning you don't pay taxes on the benefit you receive from MetLife.
1 Notwithstanding the exception to the 2017 special plan year LTD coverage enrollment noted above, generally if you are a new hire with benefits eligible pay that exceeds $50,000.99, or as a current employee, your benefits eligible pay increases to above $50,000.99 for benefits purposes for the following plan year, you will be automatically enrolled in LTD coverage, during annual enrollment, for the following year (new hire enrollment commences with employment). Effective January 1 of the following year, contributions will be deducted from your pay (new hires deductions occur upon employment). If you do not want LTD coverage, you must select "no coverage" during annual enrollment. However, if you do not opt out of LTD coverage during annual enrollment you will have 90 days to opt out. If you opt out within this 90-day period, these contributions will be refunded to you. You can also opt out after the 90-day period; however, premiums will not be refunded.
Benefits are paid monthly and continue for as long as your approved disability continues, up to age 65 (or longer, depending on your age when your disability begins). See the following schedule.
Age when total disability begins (when STD becomes effective)
Date monthly LTD benefits will stop
Under 60
Upon attaining age 65
The date the 60th monthly benefit is payable
The date the 48th monthly benefit is payable
The date the 42nd monthly benefit is payable
The date the 36th monthly benefit is payable
The date the 30th monthly benefit is payable
The date the 24th monthly benefit is payable
The date the 21st monthly benefit is payable
The date the 18th monthly benefit is payable
The date the 15th monthly benefit is payable
69 or over
The date the 12th monthly benefit is payable
You will be billed for your health and welfare benefits to the extent you are enrolled. The cost of benefits is not deducted from your LTD benefit. For more details about your benefits and eligibility while on a continued LTD leave, see the "Eligibility and Participation" section.
Unless you have other disability coverage, you should consider enrolling in LTD since LTD coverage protects you in the event your ability to work is impaired by an accident or illness.
You do not have to enroll in LTD coverage despite automatic enrollment, as described. However, if you decide to enroll in LTD coverage at any time, other than when first eligible or as the result of a qualified change in status, you must take a physical exam and/or provide evidence of good health before coverage will be approved.
Note: The Disability Plan will not cover any disability caused by or contributed to, or resulting from, a pre-existing condition until you have been enrolled in the Disability Plan for 12 consecutive months.
A pre-existing condition is an injury, sickness, or pregnancy for which — in the three months before the effective date of coverage — you received medical treatment, consultation, care, or services; took prescription medications or had medications prescribed; or had symptoms that would cause a reasonably prudent person to seek diagnosis, care, or treatment.
Converting Your Coverage
If you have been enrolled in the Disability Plan for at least one year and leave Citi (other than to retire), you can convert your Citi LTD coverage under the group policy to an individual policy within 31 days after your employment ends.
The maximum benefit of this individual policy is $3,000 per month. To obtain conversion information, call the Citi Benefits Center through ConnectOne at 1 (800) 881-3938. See the For More Information section for detailed instructions, including TDD and international assistance.