Citi Benefits Handbook
Health Plan Claims with CYC
Each time a claim is submitted to your health plan from a health care provider, CYC receives the claim electronically from the plan. (Note: electronic submission is not provided from the HMOs.) If there is no CYC payment card swipe with a matching dollar amount on record, CYC will load the claim into your account for payment so that you can be reimbursed for such claims.
When you don't use your payment card, you can take advantage of CYC's click-to-pay functionality. Simply log on to the CYC website through TotalComp@Citi at and select "click to pay" to reimburse yourself for an expense that you paid with out-of-pocket funds (rather than using your payment card). The amount of the claim will be passed to CYC from the insurance carrier. If a receipt is needed, you will be notified by email (or by letter sent to your mailing address if there is no email address on file for you) within 30 days. Be sure to save your receipts in case you are required at a later date to substantiate that your expense was eligible for reimbursement under the Plan.
Visit the CYC website through TotalComp@Citi at to review your claims information and process reimbursements.