Citi Benefits Handbook
Live Well Rewards
For the 2017 plan year, you can earn Rewards for activities, such as exercising and participating in a health screening. You can even earn Rewards if you're not enrolled in a Citi medical plan, and your spouse/partner can earn them, too. Live Well at Citi can help you feel better and even spend less on health care in the long run.
Healthy Activity
Your reward
Who can participate
Take action to save on your health plan premiums in 2017
Live Well Health Assessment
Take the Live Well Health Assessment between October1 and October31, 2016
Earn $150 discount off your annual health plan premiums
Employees can earn $150 in gift cards if not enrolled in a Citi medical, dental or vision plan
All Citi employees; spouses/partners* who are enrolled in a Citi medical plan
Tobacco Free Attestation
Complete the Tobacco Free Attestation on YBR™, available through TotalComp@Citi at; or complete the Live Well Tobacco Cessation Program in 2017
Avoid the $600 penalty per person (if enrolled in Citi medical coverage) if you are tobacco free
If you are not tobacco free, you can earn $50 that can be redeemed for gift cards if you complete the Live Well Tobacco Cessation Program (counts toward your $300 Live Well Rewards maximum)
Only Citi employees and spouses/partners who are enrolled in Citi medical coverage are subject to the tobacco penalty
Complete Healthy Activities in 2017 to earn gift card Rewards throughout the year
Live Well Healthy Activities
Every step toward a healthier you counts! Earn Rewards if you:
  • Track your exercise
  • Get a health screening
  • Sign up for telehealth currently available for members enrolled in Anthem or Aetna health plans
  • Complete an online Journey or coaching program
  • And more!
Earn up to $300 in Rewards per person to redeem for gift cards
All Citi employees and spouses/partners who are enrolled in a Citi medical plan
Live Well Chronic Condition Management Programs
Work with a professional from your health plan on a specific program to address your chronic health conditions
Earn $300 in Rewards per person to redeem for gift cards (counts toward your $300 Live Well Rewards maximum)
Selected employees and spouses/partners enrolled in a Citi medical plan administered by Aetna, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, or Oxford
*"Spouse/partner" includes legal spouse (same or opposite sex), domestic partner, and civil union partner.
After you take the Health Assessment, start completing Healthy Activities to earn Rewards. The total amount of Rewards you can earn in a year for completing Healthy Activities is $300 in addition to the $150 for completing the Health Assessment.
If you complete this Healthy Activity…
You will earn…
Participate in the phone coaching session (3 calls)
$50 per completed session
Participate in the Live Well Journeys Program
$50 for each Journey you complete per quarter, up to $200
Track 30 minutes of physical activity, such as going for a walk or run, lifting weights, or taking an exercise class
$1 per day, up to $200
Get a preventive screening (such as a cholesterol check or biometric screening) at your doctor's office or a Citi-sponsored onsite screening center
$100 (earn once in the year)
Note: If you get a screening through your doctor, have him/her complete the Physician Screening Form (available on the RedBrick Portal) and return it to RedBrick. If you participate in a Citi-sponsored onsite preventive screening, your screening results will be uploaded automatically to the RedBrick Portal.
Register for telehealth by March 31, 2017 through Aetna (Teladoc) or Anthem (LiveHealth Online)
$25 (earn once)
Chronic Condition Management Program (if invited by your Citi health plan carrier)
$300 for completing 3 calls
Important things to note
  • You can receive health plan premium discounts for completing your Live Well Health Assessment and attesting to being tobacco free. If you aren't enrolled in a Citi medical plan, you can earn $150 in gift cards by completing the Live Well Health Assessment.
  • You can also earn gift card rewards throughout the year for completing activities, like exercising, registering for telehealth, and getting a health screening. Choose from a wide selection of gift cards to many popular retailers.
  • The total amount of Live Well Rewards you can earn is $300 per person (not including the Health Assessment Reward of $150).
  • You are eligible for the Health Assessment Reward if you were transferred from a Citi International Business or newly hired before October 1, 2016. You will see the Reward displayed on YBR™ within 48 hours.
  • Participants must comply with these deadlines to receive Rewards or avoid the tobacco penalty. (If you are enrolling your spouse/partner in Citi benefits for the first time in 2017, your spouse/partner can earn a Live Well Reward of $150 by completing the Health Assessment between October 31, 2016 and November11, 2016.)
  • If you use tobacco products, you'll stop paying the penalty once you complete the Live Well Tobacco Cessation Program through RedBrick Health, either with a tobacco cessation health coach or online through one of the tobacco-cessation focused Journeys. The penalty will be removed as soon as administratively possible. You will receive a full refund of all penalty payments once the program is completed. In order to have your 2017 tobacco penalty payments stopped and receive your $600 refund, you must complete the Tobacco Cessation Program either by working with a health coach or by completing a tobacco-cessation related Journey by September 30, 2017. In addition, when you complete the Live Well Tobacco Cessation program, you'll also receive a $50 Reward that can be redeemed for gift cards (counts toward your $300 Live Well Rewards maximum).
  • Based on your responses to the Live Well Health Assessment, you will be invited to participate in specific Live Well Journeys and/or coaching programs. Alternatively, you may call RedBrick at 1 (855) 814-5595 and request to participate in these programs.
  • If you leave Citi, your Live Well Rewards will be forfeited unless redeemed prior to leaving.
To learn more about Live Well Rewards, log on to the RedBrick Portal or call 1 (855) 814-5595.