Citi Benefits Handbook
Oxford Health Plans Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) (CT, NJ, and NY Only)
The Oxford Health Plans Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is administered by Oxford Health Plans and is available to participants living in Connecticut, New Jersey, as well as most of New York. The Oxford Health Plans PPO is self-insured; therefore, Citi pays the claims incurred. The Oxford Health Plans PPO is not subject to state laws.
Under the plan, you have the freedom to choose your doctor or health care facility when you need health care. How that care is covered and how much you pay for your care out of your own pocket depends on whether the expense is covered by the plan and whether you choose a preferred provider or a non-preferred provider. Using preferred (network) providers saves you money in two ways. First, preferred providers charge special, negotiated rates, which are generally lower than the maximum allowed amounts (MAA). Second, the level of reimbursement for many services is higher when using preferred providers. For a list of providers, visit the Oxford website at or call Oxford Member Services at 1 (800) 760-4566 (if you are not currently participating in the plan) or 1 (800) 396-1909 (if you are currently participating in the plan).